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Each city has its own distinctive character, framed by Best Architects in Islamabad, being one of humanity’s most noticeable and lasting types of expression, straddling the whole length of mankind. Islamabad, with its moderately late beginnings, in contrast with other major cities around Pakistan, does not have a distinctive flavor. Endeavors at granting that captivated component into the veins of the city have taken many buildings, among them was an attempt at bringing in it, from the city of Lahore. Nonetheless, the rigid, precise, grid plan of Islamabad with pivotal streets and entirely controlled development separates it from others. The city encompasses the modern face of Pakistan intended by the designer, Constantinos Doxiadis himself.

Best Architects in Islamabad

Islamabad’s design is a blend of modern and old Islamic and regional conventions. The progressive change in the way design has been seen throughout the years has affected the general public. The most conspicuous is the acknowledgment that East and West, convention, and development, are not separated, they are exceptionally capable for combination. There are no obvious divisions of dark or white, however a few shades of dim.

DB Studios

The WoW Architects

Ahmad Zaka & Associates

Suhail and Fawad Associates


With a very recent history, and foreign architects laying down the foundation of the city’s major architectural buildings and large-scale structures, the first two generations being strictly modernists, the third generation of architects that emerged (portrays the mix influences, majorly modern) has matured and diversity has become the trademark of Pakistani architecture, not only in terms of design but also in terms of services provided by them. On the one hand, architects are exploring the design typologies and construction technologies of the region’s splendid architectural past, whereas on the other, fiercely bold experimentations are being conducted in post-modernist and DE-constructivist philosophy in urban centers.

Best Architects in Islamabad

Top notch architects working in Islamabad has their own set styles and criteria usually experimenting with the aesthetics of a functional design, most of them going with the client demands, becoming known for contemporary and clean lines with few making a mark.

Being Agreeing to the fact that architecture and architects cannot be ranked and that design has an obvious subjectivity associated with it. Here are the, Best and notable architects working under their own banners include,

  • Suhail & fawad under Suhail & Fawad Architects,
  • Abdul Wahid Bangash under The WoW Architects,
  • Ahmed Zaka under Ahmed Zaka & associates,
  • Saifullah Siddique under DB studios,
  • Shahid khan under Icon Architecture & Design,
  • Abdullah khan under Abdullah khan Architects,
  • Nasir Iqbal under nasir’s design and many more.

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