Architecture Design

Our expertise lies in Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Recreational and Health Facilities. Our consultancy regarding aforementioned expertise will benefits you in contemporary designs, economical, sustainable, low maintenance with efficient quality and time saving.

Interior Design

We bring you magic to your interior space. With a wide range of ideas and concept will enhance the space. You name it and we give you ideas  beyond your imagination.

Urban Planning

Our ideology is based on the human psychology and its habitual pattern within the cities. We dont encourage sprawls, but to make urban towns as a part of the city, which should incorporate the cultural essence of the city.


We have best craftsmanship, whose precision brings refinement in the construction details. We believe in saving time to save your money.


We Offer

  • Conceptual Architecture Drawings
  • Architectural Construction Drawings
  • 3d Images of Interior and Exterior with Animations
  • Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Drawings
  • Structure Drawings
  • Water Proofing Solution
  • Sustainable and Environment Friendly Designs
  • Passive Heating and Passive Cooling Systems in Residential and Commercial Complex.

    Architecture Services

    Interior Design Services

    We Offer

    • Residences
    • Commercial Complex
    • Corporate Incubators
    • Restaurants and Cafes
    • Brands Shops
    • Cinemas
    • Hospitals and Health Units

      We Offer

        The WoW Architects also works in Town Planning, Industrial Cities, Community designing and Urban public spaces.

          Urban Planning

          Construction Services

          We Offer

            We have a specialized team of Architects, Project manager and Procurement team who can give you

            • Excellent services in construction with best quality finishes and execution of work in given frame of time.
            • Best prices that are competitive with markets as we deal directly with companies who provide materials at lowest rates.
            • Turnkey solution at one stop. 

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